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Elysian Cedar

Chakra Balancing Crystal Infused Bath Soak

Chakra Balancing Crystal Infused Bath Soak

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This is a Jar full of a botanical bath soak infused with 7 chakra balancing crystals and a stick of selenite for the most amazing soak. It is filled with a mix of some of the best salts. 

❤️The Root Chakra “Muladhara”

🔶The Sacral Chakra “Svadhishthana”

🔆The Solar Plexus Chakra “Manipura”

💚The Heart Chakra “Anahata”

💎The Throat Chakra “Vishuddha”

💙The 3rd Eye Chakra “Ajna”

🔮The Crown Chcakra “Sahasrara”


Ingredients Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, epsom salt, pink Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, kaolin clay, guava powder, and dried flowers.  

How to use:  This is a loose bath salt and NOT a solid bath bomb. Pour contents into warm bath water and enjoy! 

DO NOT EAT! Keep sealed until ready to use. Use caution when stepping out of tub as bath water may be a little slick. 

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