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Elysian Cedar

Pastel Springtime Flowers Wildflower Seed Bombs MOQ 15

Pastel Springtime Flowers Wildflower Seed Bombs MOQ 15

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A favorite item within the small shop community!

These all come individually packaged with instruction cards by default. If you do not need them individually packaged please use code SEEDBOMBSONLY at checkout to save 50% on your seed bomb order.  

MSRP: $2.00

These little seed bombs are made using paper and packed full of a mix of annual and perennial wildflower seeds that grow well in all of North America!

To use, select a location with plenty of sunshine.  Break apart the seed bomb into small pieces.  (Moisten the seed bomb to make things even easier)

Scatter around your desired location and cover lightly with soil. 

Keep soil moist. 


Blooms invite birds and butterflies!

We'd love to see the flowers!  Use #letitgrowEC on social media to update us on your beautiful blooms! 


•Package fillers

•Rep Gifts

•Shower favors

•Wedding favors

•Easter basket fillers

•Stocking stuffers

... and more!  

It is possible that items may be available ready to ship but please allow up to two weeks for supplies to be ordered, production, and dry time. 

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